Fun pants for a guaranteed fun day

After what felt like the longest school year ever, classes are finally done! This means that I can freely spend my weekdays galavanting and enjoying everything that Toronto has to offer. This also means that I can stop dressing like I only own one hoodie and one pair of pants. Continue reading “Fun pants for a guaranteed fun day”


That 70’s Style

The late 60s and the entirety of the 70s are probably my favourite years for fashion inspiration. I absolutely love all the trends that came out of these decades – lace up details, fur coats, knee highs, big sleeves, bell bottoms, jumpsuits, floppy hats. Literally everything! Continue reading “That 70’s Style”

Spring in February

The past few days have felt just like spring in Toronto, and I just had to take advantage of the sunshine. I busted out some of my favourite spring frocks that have been hiding in the back of my closet all winter, and let me tell ya, I’ve never worn such few layers in February. I actually cannot believe how mild and sunny it is! The weather got me all excited about getting dressed up.  So what does one wear when it’s 15 degrees and sunny in February? Continue reading “Spring in February”

Dark Vibes, Sunny Day

The weather in Toronto has been beautiful lately. It’s still a bit nippy out, but spring is certainly in the air! To celebrate the beautiful weather, I packed up my parka, and busted out my leather jacket. Words cannot express how excited I am to be able to wear clothes without hiding it under a massive coat. I took advantage of the warmer weather and sunshine, and  roamed around Toronto. I was feeling edgy (probably because I was listening to Arctic Monkeys this morning), so I went with an all black outfit with a pop of red. Here is my weekend look along with outfit details.

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Kangaroo Pouches and Turtlenecks

My favourite winter outfit is definitely overalls and a turtleneck. It’s warm, versatile, and convenient. Overalls are always my go to because of the giant front pocket most of them have. It’s very handy for storing things such as your phone, glasses, or snacks. It reminds me of a kangaroo pouch, except without the baby kangaroos. It’s such an easy outfit to put together, but it always looks so effortlessly cool.

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Friday, I’m In Love: Ruffles

I’ve been seeing a lot of ruffles on clothing lately, and I absolutely love how fun and feminine they look. Ruffles are a great way to add depth and character to something that would be rather bland otherwise. I found this sweater at H&M and instantly fell in love with the ruffles on the sleeves. They’re just so playful, and they add so much interest to the outfit! I styled the sweater (H&M) with dark wash jeans (BDG from Urban Outfitters), a fun tassel necklace (thrifted), and Chelsea boots (Dr. Martens).  It’s a fun casual look that could be worn any day!

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August Fashion Favourites

We are nearing the end of August, and unfortunately that means the end of summer as well. August has been a scorcher in Toronto, which made it difficult for me to get dressed. Is it acceptable for me to wear a bikini in public everyday? No, but I really wanted to. The weather has slightly cooled down now (finally!), which has motivated me to dress better.  I’ve really been loving the look of t-shirt dresses. It is so easy to dress them up or dress them down, and they are so light and airy. I’ve also been slowly re-introducing denim into my wardrobe in preparation for fall. I could not fathom wearing denim when it was so insanely hot, so I’ve opted for lighter denim pieces such as mini skirts and rompers. Here is a video lookbook of all my favourite styles for this August. Enjoy! xx

Outfit details:

The T-Shirt Dress
t-shirt dress: H&M
boots: Dr. Martens
citrine pendant: Crystal Cactus
crystal fringe necklace: Forever 21

The Band Groupie
skirt: Urban Outfitters
shirt: band merch
choker: Forever 21
purse: Indigo
shoes: Forever 21

The City Bohemian
overalls: Forever 21
top: Forever 21
shoes: Zara
scarf: vintage (anthropologie)
sunglasses: Swarovski

The City Bohemian pt. 2
bralette: Urban Outfitters
sunglasses: Urban Outfitters

Osheaga 2016 Fashion + Vlog

I spent last weekend in Montreal to attend the Osheaga Music and Arts Festival. I had such a blast! The weather was perfect for sitting outdoors and watching all the wonderful performers. I vlogged my experience, and you can watch it here!

I’m obsessed with festival fashion, and so it was difficult for me to choose just 3 outfits for the weekend. The outfits I chose were very light and airy as it was very hot that weekend -lots of white crochet and short shorts. For the third day, I decided to go a bit more edgy with a bandana and patch shorts (DIY patch shorts). Here are my festival looks for the 3 days that I was at Osheaga.

Day 1: Crochet bralette (online), shorts (Free People), Body chain (Forever 21), Bracelets (artist market), Sunglasses (Lavish & Squalor)
Day 2 outfit: Top (Garage), Shorts (, Necklace (Forever 21), Sunglasses (Forever 21), Arm band (Free People), Rings (various etsy shops)


Day 3 outfit: Top (Free People), Shorts (DIY), Belt (Forever 21), Bandana (Black Market), Bangles (Urban Outfitters), Rings (various etsy shops), Fringe bucket bag (H&M)

Here are my festival outfits in action! For the first day, I wore platform sandals, but decided to change into my Chelsea boots (Dr  Martens) for the next 2 days. It was too muddy and dusty for sandals.




Patch Shorts DIY

I saw these shorts at Topshop, and fell in love with them. I love the vintage 60s-70s rock and roll vibe that these shorts have, so I’ve decided to recreate them. My journey involved many hours at craft and thrift stores trying to find cool patches to use.




  • Shorts (These shorts are from H&M, and they were very inexpensive.)
  • Patches (I got mine from thrift stores, Fabric Land, and Michaels)
  • Fabric Glue
  • Scissors
  • Iron (optional)



Step 1:

Arrange your patches anyway you’d like on your shorts.


Step 2:

Attach your patches using fabric glue or an iron (if you have iron on patches). Make sure to follow the directions provided in the package of patches you purchase. You can also just use fabric glue for the iron on patches if you would rather not use an iron.


Step 3:

Let your patches dry on a flat surface. Make sure you follow the directions written on your bottle of fabric glue. Usually, the dry time for the glue is an entire day. Do not wear your shorts until the glue has dried. Otherwise, the patches will slide off.


Step 4 (optional):

You can cut the hem of your shorts to create a frayed look. I decided not to do this as I like the length of the shorts as is. What I did do is use my scissors to create rips and frays on the back pocket of my shorts to give it a more worn out look.