Organic / Natural Skin Care Favourites

As part of my new years resolutions for 2017, I vowed to take better care of my skin. I’ve always suffered from severe acne and acne scars, which traumatized me throughout my high school career. When I finally outgrew the acne, I stopped being so particular about the products that went on my face. This went on for a couple of years, and then it caught up with me. My skin once again turned to shit due to a combination of stress and bad skin care practices. I’d get a couple of giant breakouts at least twice a month, and my pores were huge. I then decided that I needed to invest more on the products that go on my face. I switched to a mostly organic / natural skin care routine, and it has really made all the difference in the world. I have sensitive combination skin for reference. Here are the products that have helped clear up my skin.

  1. Lush Tea Tree Water – This is the only toner that works for my skin. It’s great at soaking up excess oil, while still keeping my face moisturized. I love anything with tea tree, but often find that the smell of tea tree is too strong. However, this toner actually smells great because it is mixed with juniper berry and grapefruit. It also feels really refreshing when I spritz it on my face. I use it after washing my face at night, and in the morning under my moisturizer. It has done a great job at controlling my acne.
  2. Cocovit Facial Mist – I picked up this mist as a random purchase from Anthropologie, and ended up loving it. It is made out of coconut water, aloe vera water, witch hazel, dead sea salt, coconut oil, and honeysuckle. This stuff smells amazing, and is incredibly refreshing! I like to spray this on my face when it is feeling dry. This stuff was my best friend during the winter months!
  3. Herbivore Pink Clay Cleansing Bar Soap – This soap literally saved my skin from every skin issue I’ve ever had! I’m convinced that it is made out of miracles (actually, it is made of French pink clay, geranium, and blood orange). It is all natural, and organic, which makes me feel good about using it to clean my face. I use it only at night since clay can be drying. It leaves skin feeling clean, but moisturized. This has done such a wonderful job at controlling my breakouts, and clearing my skin.
  4. Mario Badescu Rose Hips Mask – This was also a random purchase from Anthropologie. I saw it and was intrigued. It ended up working really well for my skin. It has clay and rose hips, which are great for soaking up oil and brightening skin. I like that it doesn’t make my skin feel tight and irritated after, which has always been my issue with clay and charcoal masks. I use this two to three times a week.
  5. Tarte Drink of H20 Moisturizer – I’m obsessed with this moisturizer! It is so lightweight, and doesn’t feel oily at all when applied. It does a wonderful job at hydrating my face (Canadian winter approved). I had no problem with breakouts, which is a miracle! It layers well under makeup, and feels very refreshing. Although this product isn’t all natural, it is formulated without parabens, phthalates, and sodium lauryl sulfates. My only issue with the product is the container. The packaging is so cute, but I would definitely prefer a pump so I’m not touching so much of the product.

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