Los Angeles: Where I’d Rather Be (Always)

I was going through my phone, deleting photos, when I stumbled upon my pictures from LA. It made me realize two things. 1. I would much rather be in LA right now. And 2. Don’t I always want to be in LA? Looking through the photos made me miss my little vacation. I couldn’t help but reminisce about the wonderful week I had, so naturally, I decided to make this post.

November had suddenly snuck up on me. The air was getting colder, and the assignments were piling up. It was time for a much needed vacation, a quick break from the mundane cyclical patterns of everyday life. Enter Los Angeles. I had spent 6 days in Los Angeles visiting family, and ultimately just relaxing. I hadn’t been to LA in almost 4 years, and I ended up with a new appreciation for the city.

My days consisted of waking up at 6am because of jet lag, and having breakfast on the balcony. It was calming watching people get into their cars and go about their day. Then I’d go for a walk along Rodeo drive, most days stopping for a smoothie and reading a book. The afternoon would roll along, and I would go for lunch wherever my family would take me. Lunch was often followed by some shopping – record stores, thrift shops, little boutiques, outdoor malls. On the days that shopping didn’t appeal to us, we would end up going to a museum or a beach or just driving around Beverly Hills. It was lovely to constantly be outdoors, surrounded by warm air and palm trees. It seemed that anywhere I was, I’d be able to watch the sunset at 6pm. This gave me such a sense of peace and calm -something that was much needed. Los Angeles was definitely a blast, and I can’t wait to go back!



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