A Cozy Sunday for the Jaded

Sometimes, life gets to be a little too much, but it’s hard to take that day off when you know you need to get things done. I was having a conversation with a coworker the other day about how exhausting it is trying to balance everything from school to work to a social life. It’s so easy to forget to make time for yourself, but often times that’s all you really need. That alone time to recharge and rejuvenate is so crucial to your well being, and can make all the difference in the way you approach all your tasks.

I decided to take Sunday off, and I mean this in the truest possible sense of the phrase. I had originally planned to study all day, but I figured my brain needed a break. I did nothing work or school related. Instead, I did 3 things this Sunday that I hadn’t done in a long time.


Read a book. I honestly can’t even remember the last book I read. It’s been forever since I’ve picked up a book that wasn’t a textbook or a required reading. It’s nice to be able to escape into a different world that doesn’t require highlighting text and making notes.


Put on a DIY face mask. My skin is so happy that I did this. I tend to neglect my skin during periods of high stress, and it really shows. DIY face masks are great because you know exactly what’s going on your face. No chemicals or sulfates, just the good pure stuff!


Treat yo’ self. My idea of treating myself is by baking and devouring yummy treats. Something about baking seems incredibly therapeutic to me. I haven’t baked anything since Christmas because I can never find the time to do it, so I figured that this would be the perfect non-occasion.

Bonus: This Sunday Morning Playlist is my favourite way to add some relaxation and good vibes into my life.



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