Barcelona: “I still long to hold her once more”

Last August, I had the exciting experience of falling head over heals in love with the city of Barcelona. In a matter of two days, I was completely done for. The city had stolen my heart, and there was no going back. Nothing else would ever compare in my eyes.

My mother and I stayed in a charming little hotel in the Gothic Quarters. What I absolutely loved about staying in the Gothic quarters was that everything was a couple of steps away. We were surrounded by tiny little boutiques, restaurants, and stunning late 19th century architecture. Our days consisted of trying whatever restaurant was nearby, walking through the little shops, and then going to whatever landmark we felt like seeing that day or just laying on the beach.

My favourite part about this trip was the food. Every restaurant we went to was amazing, whether it be for breakfast, lunch or dinner. My mouth waters when I think about the tapas and the seafood paella I consumed on this trip. We would pair each meal with sangria or a mojito, and finish it off with gelato or Crema Catalana. This is what all my dreams are made of!

It was truly an experience of a lifetime, one that I will never forget. It’s on my bucket list to return to Barcelona for a longer period of time, and explore more of the city. I long for more days spent laying on the beach, letting the sunshine tan my skin, all while consuming a refreshing mojito.







One thought on “Barcelona: “I still long to hold her once more”

  1. Sounds great the way you describe it. Bcn is an amazing city and you should go back, as two days are not enough at all but always better than nothing, right?! Tapas are deluxe and taste better with a nice wine though.


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