Full Moon Playlist

Full moons have always fascinated me. In modern folklore, it is seen as a period of insanity and lunacy. However, it is really more of a period of renewal and abundance of energy. It is known to be the perfect time to manifest dreams and harness positive thoughts. The extra lunar energy enhances emotions and growth, which means it is of the utmost importance to be surrounded by calm and positive vibes. With that being said, here is a playlist of songs that bring me good vibes.Listen to it as you bask in the beauty and energies of the full moon this weekend and for all the full moon phases to come.

track list:

  • Intro – Alt J
  • Lovely Day – Alt J
  • Angels – The XX
  • Free – Flume
  • Night Swimmers – Foals
  • Sleep Sound – Jamie xx
  • Cosmic Love – Florence and the Machine
  • Girls – Slow Magic
  • Loud Places – Jamie xx
  • Warm Thoughts – Flume
  • Across the Universe – Fiona Apple
  • Cherry – Ratatat

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